Jérôme BLANC


Jérôme Blanc was born in Geneva in 1978

He attended the Ecole des Arts and Métiers in Geneva where he was obtained his degrees in  woodworking and joinery in 1998 and 1999. Thereafter, the young artist travelled to Australia where he discovered the art of contemporary woodturning and his passion for wood sculpting which led to his decision to dedicate himself to this art.

On returning to Geneva, Jérôme launched his own business, specializing in cabinetmaking, sculpture and woodturning and, subsequently, spent time perfecting his knowledge of woodturning by working side-by-side with professional woodturners. In 2009, he took a course in the creation of architectural scale models. The following year he re-assumed responsibilities as head of his own woodworking business.  A self-taught artist, Jérôme Blanc spends his time in his Carouge studio, sharing his time between creating architectural models and sculpting.

Since 2003, the sculptor has been regularly exhibiting his works in Switzerland, Europe and the United States. His works have been purchased by various public and private institutions, such as the Musée Départemental du Bugey-Valromey in the Pays de l’Ain (France, 2006), the Fonds de décoration in Plan-les-Ouates (Switzerland, 2009 and 2014), The Center for Art in Wood in Philadelphia (USA, 2009 and 2011), The Gallery of Wood Art of the American Association of Woodturners in St Paul/Minneapolis (USA, 2010) and the Musée de Carouge (Switzerland, 2015).

His sculptures have won him many prizes : in particular, he won first prize in the European Woodturning Competition held in Bréville (France, 2006). Other prizes he was awarded include : first prize in the Pop Purchase Award of the American Association of Woodturners (2009) ; first prize in the Association Arts Pluriels competition at the Château de Réchy (Switzerland, 2011) ; the  Sélection Prix Jumelles (2011, 2014); first prize of the Concours ”le Fil” Plan-les-Ouates (2014) and The Masters' Choice Award of the AAW (2016). He also did residencies as an artist at the International Woodturning Exchange in Philadelphia in 2009, one of the most highly respected events in the art of woodturning. Jérôme has also been invited to carry out demonstrations within the framework of symposiums organized by national professional associations in the United States, France, Australia and England.

His creations are characteristically experimental, and his new pieces are perfect illustrations of his sources of inspiration - the natural world and design in the urban environment.  Jérôme cuts into masses of wood using the lathe to sculpt his works which in their final form weigh no more than a few ounces. Many hours of calm concentration are needed to refine each piece to give the wood a fine soft quality. The impeccable results of this long process are works that speak of serenity, simplicity and clarity.

Jérôme Blanc is resolutely an artist of his times, demonstrating a deep concern for the environment and the need for modern man to return to a state of greater simplicity – preoccupations which are clearly reflected in his creations.

Full description of Jérôme Blanc's technique (PDF)
The video of the creation process 



Demonstrator at the 30th Symposium of the AAW, Atlanta (USA)

2015  Collaboration new zealand, Whangarei (NZ)

2013  Collaboration l'Art et la Matière, Aiguines (FR)

2013  Demonstrator at AWGB Symposium, Loughborough (GB)                                  

2013  Demonstrator at Turnfest Symposium , Brisbane (AU)                                        

2011  Demonstrator at the 25th Symposium of the AAW, St.Paul (USA)           

2010  Creation of the enterprise for Architectural Model Maq 3, Geneva (CH)                

2009  Artist Residency at the Wood Turning Exchange of Philadelphia (USA)               

2005  Woodturning and sculpture trainer in Geneva (CH)                                              

2004  Woodturning and sculpture training with Marc Ricourt (F)                        

2003  Woodturning training with M. Jean - François Escoulen (F)                                  

2001  Creation of the Jérôme Blanc woodworking enterprise, Geneva (CH)                   

2000  Woodturning training in Australia with José and Tricia Lehete (AUS)                     

1998 - 1999  Carpentry training at the Geneva School of Arts and Crafts (CH)               

1994 - 1998  Woodworking training at the Geneva School of Arts and Crafts (CH)


Awards and Distinctions

2016  The Masters' Choice Award de l’AAW, Atlanta (USA)

2014 1st Prize at the contest ”le Fil” Plan-les-Ouates (CH)

2011 1st Prize at the Châteaux de Réchy Contest (CH)                                     

2010  2nd Prize at the contest “City” Plan-les-Ouates (CH)                                            

2009  1st Prize Pop Purchase Award AAW Albuquerque (USA)                         

2006  1st Prize at the European Woodturning Contest , Bréville (F)                               


Acquisitions from Public Institutions

2015  Museum of Carouge, Carouge-Genève (CH)

2009, 2011  The Center for Art in Wood , Philadelphia (USA)                                        

2010  The Gallery of Wood Art , St. Paul - Minneapolis (USA)                          

2009  Decoration Funds of the City of Plan-les-Ouates (CH)                                        

2006  Museum of Bugey -Valromey, Ain (F)                                                                


Major exhibitions

2016  The Center for Art in Wood, exhibition "WOOD, REVISITED", Philadelphie, (USA)

2016  Musée de Carouge,  exhibition, "Imaginer créer façonner", Carouge – Genève (CH)

2016  Adam Blue Gallery & Collectors of Wood Art "Why Wood", SOFA Chicago (USA)

2015  Gallery Lionel Latham, Geneva (CH)

2015  Salon Révélation, Grand Palais, Paris (F)

2015  Gallery YvArt, Yverdon (CH)

2014  Collectors of Wood Art "Beyond Boundaries", SOFA Chicago (USA)

2013  Gallery -J- J Hofstetter , Fribourg (CH)                                                               

2012  Gallery Lionel Latham, Geneva (CH)                                                                   

2012  The Center for Art in Wood , Philadelphia (USA)                                     

2011  Gallery Ramstein. Basel) (CH)                                                                            

2011  Gallery Artsplurieles, Château de Réchy (CH)                                                     

2010  Gallery YvArt, Yverdon (CH)                                                                              

2009 Gallery -J- J Hofstetter, Fribourg (CH)                                                                 

2009  Gallery Wood Turning Center Philadelphia (USA)                                    

2008  SEMA Gallery, Paris (F)                                                                        

2007  Laboratorio Gallery in Venice (I)                                                             

2007  Gallery Marianne Brand, Carouge (CH)                                                   

2007  Gallery of the Hotel de Ville, Yverdon CH)                                                          

2006  Design Biennal Luzern (CH)                                                                               

2006  Embargo Gallery , Paris (F)                                                                               

2005  Gallery of the Hotel de Ville, Yverdon (CH)                                                         

2005  Exhibition « Tout en bois » at the Museum of Charmey (CH)                               

2004  Gallery Delafontaine in Carouge, Geneva (CH)



2016 Dictionary Carougeois, Carouge, (CH)

2016 Wood Revisited, The Center for Art in Wood, Philadelphie, (USA)

2016 Turning 30, AAW, Saint-Paul, (USA)

2014 Beyond Boundaries, Collectors of Wood Art, Saint-Paul, (USA)

2012 Robin Wood’s Cores Recycled, The Center for Art in Wood, Philadelphie, (USA)

2011 Woodturning Today a Dramatic Evolution, AAW, Saint-Paul, (USA)

2011 Turning to art in wood, The Center for Art in Wood, Philadelphie, (USA)



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