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I go to my studio both to escape from myself and to find myself…

I have no problem with paradoxes…we are all made up of paradoxes.

I love steel, its smell…the way it feels under my fingers…

I love women and friendship.

I never feel enough, I always want more…I am not afraid of pain and suffering…

Art - my sculptures - represents the passing of time in the infinite void…

It is a way of beholding the metaphysics of love and hate…

The conscious sense that I must live my life with sincerity in spite of the few certainties I have about myself…

And the rest….the rest ? What do I know !

My fears are lost in my creative work…As long as I continue to create, a star will keep watch over me…

(text by Paul Estier)




Banque Allemande Privée, Zurich, Suisse
Nestlé Orbe, Suisse
Galerie La Grange, Romainmôtier, Suisse
Théatre de Beausobre, Morges, Suisse
Galerie Edouard Roch, Ballens, Suisse
Espace Artnet, Begnins Suisse
Espace Arte Viva Paris, France
Hotel de Ville d’Yverdon, Suisse
Marchand d’art Robert Debruin (divers expositions privées)
Salon Lineart, Flanders Expo – Gent (Belgique)
Salon Art et formes – Beaulieu, Lausanne, Suisse - - +41 (0)22 366.42.22

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