Born on 10 November 1970 in Paris.

Workshop located in Savigny-les-Beaune (Burgundy, France).

"Serene, happy or nostalgic, the characters I create offer the viewer life and emotion. In modelling my little world, I work with chamotte clay using a variety of techniques and renders. At times I opt for smooth surfaces, at other, rough structures and, for the most part, patinate my sculptures with natural warm-toned pigments.  When appropriate I use fine layers of glazing to highlight the clay’s subtle nuances;  when the clay’s earthy tones suffice to express the desired effect, I choose to keep its natural clay colours."

My current creations are organized around two main axes:

Garden sculptures

These consist of small heads mounted on long metal rods which lend a note of cheer and poetry when planted in a flowerbed, a grove or an inner courtyard. Mounted on a metal base, they can also be displayed indoors.

Medium size modeling (20 - 30 cm)

Facial expressions are enhanced by the dynamics of the body:  gestures and attitudes, when combined, highlight the emotions evoked by a smiling mouth or a tearful eye.

In keeping with my emphasis on the importance of clothing and purity of form, I am currently working on shapes which combine the simple with the aesthetic. My most recent sculpture of the “twisted woman” is an example of this.


I work for the specialized trade press as a journalist and am passionate about the arts and the written word.

My first encounter with clay occurred more than 10 years ago when Patricia Bôlatre, an artist whose quest is the expression of the purity of forms, initiated me to the art of modelling. Subsequently, I benefited from the teachings of Jurga, a Lithuanian artist, now a well known figure in the world of sculpture. Since that time, I have been pursuing my own personal path - modeling expressive, gentle and poetic characters - in my workshop located in Savigny-les-Beaune in the heart of Burgundy’s vineyards.

My creations are regularly exhibited in Burgundy-Franche Comté, Dole, Sampigny-les-Maranges, Beaune and Besançon. In the summer of 2017, my sculptures will be exhibited in the beautiful gardens of the Château de Gilly-les-Citeaux; in the fall they will be on view in Douai  in the north of France. - - +41 (0)22 366.42.22

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