MEY_EPFL_installation1pMachine draughtsman during the week, artist at the weekend.

Photography led me to discover new ways of perceiving landscapes. My creative penchant and tastes have encouraged me to use this heightened perception to explore new horizons and challenges. As a result, scenes in the natural world have become the target of my camera’s viewfinder; gradually those scenes have become the settings rather than the subjects of my works.

My out-of-door creations aim to create contrasts between a subject and a site while highlighting the value of that site.  Though the materials used are products of the earth a sense of other worldliness prevails.

During the week, as an “adult”, I draw straight lines between the walls of a workshop. At the weekend, as a “child”, I express myself through curved lines in the free open space of the natural world. This balance is essential for me.

Sylvain Meyer


Land art: to understand the artistic approach of Sylvain Meyer

TV report - April 2014  - Land art installation - EPFL Campus in Lausanne, Switzerland : 

Demi-fleur (Sylvain Meyer) - YouTube 

Sylvain Meyer has been the subject of two televised portraits:

RTS1 (news broadcast 12 :45) duration 2m30 

Y-TV (Yverdon TV) duration 5m30


PRESS (only in French) : L'illustre P1 a6 + L'illustre P7 (11-2012) / 24h (30-07-2012) / Swatch magasine N°37-2011 / 24h (04-10-2008) - - +41 (0)22 366.42.22

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