Photographic composition, collages, mixed media
6, ch. du Stand - 1268 Begnins
Vernissage : vendredi 25 mai - 18.00 - 21.00
Exposition du 26 mai au 03 juin 2018
Ouverture : VE-SA-DI 15.00 -18.30 ou sur rendez-vous 
Tel 022 366 42 22 / 076 521 50 60 - info@artnet.ch


Katarina Boselli - Artist's note  

I have always been a person who skips, hops and jumps through the world. I have my parents to thank for this outlook on life - from a young age my mother taught me how to hold a pencil, scissors and brushes while my father taught me how to use a drill and hammer. Since my childhood, imagination and creativity have guided my steps – I expressed them on paper with paints or cried them out in the howling wind as I clung to a treetop.

Born in Geneva, I completed a course in graphic design after having spent two years studying art at college. This opened a world for me whereby I could be independent in pursuing my artistic work.

«My work is based on photographic composition which involves the overlaying of several images whereby I seek to bring life to my emotions by evoking live memories such as the reflection of a distorted emotion in the human eye, a crack in a wall – thus defining a multiplicity of atmospheres ranging from anger or irony tinged with melancholy to joy, hope and tenderness.

Inspired by urban materials such as crumbling facades, torn posters and tags bearing signs of wear and tear, I use digital tools to compose my works - linking, blending and merging multiple photos.

These works are printed on art paper in a laboratory, laminated on a 2 cm support and covered in a layer of shiny acrylic.  Five copies are made of each, all of which are numbered and signed.

I also make unique pieces from compositions printed on paper and reassembled by gluing on canvas. This process shows the different layers of images and paper.

Another of my passions is painting on canvas or other supports and researching other materials to use for my paintings, modelling, construction and all forms of creation.

I like to ​​compare my visual compositions with musical compositions, choosing notes and colours and using different techniques to add sounds and silence to create harmony or dissonance.




PRESS ARTICLES (only in French)





           10 juin - «L’Homme réinventé par la Science» - collectif Art-Place –
           Fondation   Brocher – Genève

           Avril - Galerie Calamart  - Genève

          Janv./fév. - Swiss Art & Design - boutique - Genève


            Déc. - Galerie Next Door - collectif / memento Mori - Genève

            Sept. - Espace Ruine - Genève

            Juin - Cité du Temps - Genève  - collectif

            Juin - Galerie Next Door - collectif / Mots fleuris - Genève

             Fév. - Cercle des Bains - Calamart PLUG - Genève - collectif


            Nov - Ditzoff Galerie - Coppet  

            Juin - Villa Dutoit - Genève - collectif


           Sept - Cité Bleue/ Teatro Malandro, Binôme avec le peintre Vincent Tagliabue
           dans le cadre de la pièce Roméo et Juliette en japonnais de Omar Porras -  Genève

           Avril - Calamart FMR - Carouge|GE - collectif

           Fév. - La Closerie - Cologny|GE 


            Déc. - Calamart Galerie- Genève 

            Oct - Mines d’Art/Not Registered - Carouge|GE - collectif

            Août - La Teinturerie /Sens Intérieur - collectif - Golfe St.-Tropez

            Juin - collectif - Villa Dutoit - Genève

            Mars - Mine d’Art Galerie- Genève 


            Oct - La Fumisterie - Genève 

            Août - Sens Intérieur Galerie - collectif - Golfe St-Tropez

            Fév. - Artraction Galerie - collectif - Genève

            Krisal Galerie - “passage/demo”- Carouge/GE

            Déc. - Parallèle - Genève

artnet.ch - info@artnet.ch - +41 (0)22 366.42.22

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