Hélène Lelimouzin-Mathiot, born in 1977 in Chantilly, lives and works in Aix-en-Provence in southern France.

As the fusion of the arts has always been an essential element of Hélène’s creative process, she opted for a university cursus in the field of the plastic and applied arts, a choice which enabled her to acquire a wide palette of techniques.

In the first instance, the artist’s eyes are drawn to the objects and scenes of daily life. Subsequently, her imagination takes over as she launches into the creation of a wealth of inventive works which combine all types of media and forms. Over the past years she has produced a line of accessories (2002), textile designs (2002), window displays (2008), photos (2014) and mural sculptures (2014).

In 2012, Hélène Lelimouzin, driven by the need to create her own personal works, founded her own structure under the name Bluecraft.

In 2015, she decided to distance herself from the world of artistic creation in order to devote herself to her father’s horse breeding enterprise. However, in 2017, she felt a strong calling to return to the world of the arts and, consequently, resumed her artistic activities.

The artist’s experimental expression is most vividly represented by her collection «Nomad Photography». This collection illustrates her creative drive to express immediacy, purity of line and shape, geometric forms and colours and promotes reality to a new level.

Hélène Lelimouzin’s geometric shapes interact with reality serving as a work’s recurring motif. Initially, these two elements confront one another; subsequently, they “wander” about together in search of a new and different world where peace and harmony reign.


Exhibitions / Realisations

2014/2016 : Création de Bluecraft. Création textiles, objets et photographies
Collaboration avec 

2010/2014 : Conception et réalisation de vitrines. Coco and Co – Aix en Provence

2008: Expositions Art Génération Paris – galerie Artwist Paris

2006/ 2010: Conception et réalisation de logos – Papeterie

2004/2006: Conception et réalisation de vitrines. Prune – Aix-en-Provence
Giotea – Marseille  Allan Joseph Marseille Carlotta Aix-en-Provence

2003: Exposition Galerie Le Passage – Aix-en-Provence

2002: Exposition collective Le pasino – Aix-en-Provence

2002/2010: Conceptions et réalisations graphiques pour textiles.
Gago Aix-en-Provence

2001: Maîtrise Arts Plastiques Aix-en-Provence

1995: Baccalauréat Arts Appliqués Marseille

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