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Georges Dumas was born in Chartres in 1975; he now lives in Greater Paris.

His career as a photographer began in the early 1990s; however an important turning point in his artistic approach came about when he espoused the Digital revolution in the early 21st century. At that point, he decided to endorse the on-going technological leap forward, exploring and developing its potentialities to the best of his abilities. This led him to leave behind the world of “pure” photography to embrace the world of the image in the larger sense of the word.

Georges’ work is characterized by a complex relationship with notions generally associated with photography such as scarcity, instantaneity and eyewitness accounts; his work is, rather, based on a strict timeless sense of construction in which the pursuit of meaning, form, “staging” and substance create strong ties with painting and sculpture.

First on the camera screen, then on the computer screen, and finally on the screen of the canvas to which he applies acrylic, Georges Dumas composes his works pixel by pixel, layer by layer, transfiguring flesh into stone, transforming the ephemeral into the eternal.


Technical note

Digigraphie® is a label created by Epson in 2003 for high quality prints using pigment-based UltraChrome K3 inks on fine art papers which were selected after thorough testing to guarantee excellent resistance against light through time.

All Digigraphies® presented here are printed on the heavy textured Epson Cold Press Bright 305g paper, in a strictly limited edition of 7 copies for each artwork. A certificate of authenticity is issued with each print. Size of the print includes a small white margin around the artwork.





2016 : Exposition collective, DZD Gallery, Roermond, Hollande

Foire d’art contemporain « Art Up ! » (avec U Own Gallery, Bruxelles), Lille

Exposition collective « Transfiguring », galerie Olivier Waltman, Paris

2015 :
 Exposition collective « Les 20 ans d' »Begnins, Suisse

Salon art3F avec Transfiguring, Parc des expositions, Mulhouse

« Parcours de Beloeil », Incinérateur de Thumaide, Belgique

Exposition collective « Des corps, décors », Concorde Art Gallery, Paris

Exposition collective « L.O.V.E. », Starter Gallery, Paris


2014 : Vente aux enchères « NeXT-Art-Emotion », Siel de Paris & Cabinet Rossini, Paris

Salon « Fotofever », 3ème édition, Carrousel du Louvre, Paris

Exposition personnelle « Paintographies », Galerie Manufacture 45, Rouen

Exposition collective « L'Art et la Matière », Galerie Art'In, Paris

Exposition collective « Héroïnes », Starter Gallery, Neuilly-sur-Seine

Accrochage collectif régulier à la galerie Midnight Sun, Morges, Suisse

2013 :
 Salon « Les Hivernales de Paris-Est/Montreuil », 2ème édition, Montreuil

« Salon d’Automne », 110ème édition, Champs-Élysées, Paris

Salon « Balt’Art – L’Art et le Grand Paris 2013 », 2ème édition, Nogent-sur- Marne

2012 :
 Salon « Art Terrible », 2ème édition, Espace Commines, Paris

Exposition personnelle « Figures² » à l’Atelier 40, Paris

Exposition collective à l’Atelier 40, Paris

2011 : 
Exposition personnelle « Digital Absurdities » à l’Atelier 40, Paris

Exposition collective « Dumas, Lauer, Loth, Quittard » à l’Atelier 40, Paris

2010 :
 Exposition personnelle « Body matters » à l'Atelier 40.

Exposition collective « Blondeau, Dumas, Lauer, Quittard », à L'Atelier 40

2009 :
 Exposition personnelle « Paris – London – Milano », 243 Galerie Ephémère, Paris

Exposition personnelle « Recent works » à l'Atelier 40, Paris

2008 : 
Exposition personnelle « Da Vinci Fraud Project », La Loge de la Concierge, Paris

Exposition personnelle « DPLG 1.0 » avec P. Laurent, Espace Bréguet, Paris

Exposition personnelle « Photographi(sm)e(s ?) », Grant Thornton HQ, Paris

2007 :
 Exposition personnelle « Abstraction/Pétrifications », Live Gallery, Paris

Exposition collective « Klups », Espace Bréguet, Paris - - +41 (0)22 366.42.22

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