Dual citizenship: Bulgaria, France
Based in Paris, France
1991 – High school diploma from the D. Dobrovitch School of Decorative Arts, Sliven, Bulgaria

1994 – Present: participant in the “ANTS” art group
1997 – Master of Arts degree from the Academy of Fine Arts, Department of Decorative Arts (with a specialty in textiles ), Sofia, Bulgaria

Participation in numerous installations, theater productions (decor, costumes, etc.) and various projects in a number of countries (Bulgaria, France, Spain, Germany, etc.)


"In creating a piece of art, I am inspired by the desire to transform, to confront, and to combine different materials. I stitch the canvas to assert my emotional presence."

Leaving traces is the key idea behind my paintings. Initially, these are traces of the memory on which are based the configurations of experiences lived, places visited, and faces seen. Next is the trace as a line, a trait, a chromatic element, or a plastic fragment. The themes of my paintings reflect my inner experiences of the world. This is a neo-expressionistic concept torn between abstraction and presence, just like the material of which memories are made.





   Salon ARTS 19, Public’s Award, Paris, France
   Salon "Les réalités nouvelles," Paris, France
   Exposition, Rakursi Gallery, Bulgaria
   Exposition, «Luna ot koreni» Gallery, Bulgaria
   Exposition, Natalie Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria
   «Ce geste» Art project, Normandy, France
    “So close, so far,” 13 Centuries of Bulgaria Foundation, Bulgaria

   International Biennale of Abstract Art, Normandy, France
   Almanac, Bulgrian artists around the world, Edition by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Sofia
   Exposition, Rakursi Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria
   Exposition – Artcontract, Paris 
   Exposition, Blumann Gallery, Paris
  International Art Salon SARRIA, UNESCO Spain, with Autumn Salon, Paris
  «Femmes créatrices de culture» project, France
   Exposition - L’archipel sur le lac, Burgundy, France
   Exposition - Cuadro Fine Art Gallery, Dubai
   Exposition – PREVOIR Group, Paris
   «Loup» film project by Nicolas Vannier
   Installation in the 19th century building L'AVANT RUE, Paris
   Exposition -Duban Léglise Gallery, Paris 
   Exposition – Bulgarian Cultural Center, Paris 
   Exposition  - «VOYAGES, VOYAGES», Berlin Germany 
    Cite International des Arts, Young Artist Award, Paris France
    Exposition - "Young Critics Present Young Artists," Bulgaria
    Exposition - "Textile Provocation" Sofia, Bulgaria
    Exposition - "Gredy Assa and ‘ Ants’," Sofia, Bulgaria
    National Spring Salon, First Prize, Sofia, Bulgaria
    XIII International Biennale of Satire and the Arts, Gabrovo, Bulgaria
    Installation – «Unity» St. St. Cyril and Methodius Foundation, Sofia, Bulgaria
    Exposition -"Earth and people,” Jury’s First Prize, Sofia, Bulgaria
    Installation - "Bulgarian motives," Vienna, Austria
    XXXVI International Art Festival, Installation - "Nocturne in white," Award, Rousse, Bulgaria
    XII International Biennale of Satire and the Arts, Installation - "Tunnel under the Balkans," Bulgaria
    Installation - "The wall of tears," Sofia, Bulgaria
    Installation - "The Hollywood Walk of Fame," Sofia, Bulgaria
   "Process Space” Festival, Installation - "Spider’s web," Jury’s First Prize, Kyustendil, Bulgaria

Joint expositions in Bulgaria, France, Germany, Austria, etc.

Participation in numerous Art Festivals and International Arts Biennales


  National Art Gallery, Bulgaria
  St. St. Cyril and Methodius Foundation, Sofia, Bulgaria
  13 centuries of Bulgarian Foundation, Bulgaria
  Sofia Art Gallery, Bulgaria
  National Fine Arts Academy, Sofia, Bulgaria
  PREVOIR Group, Paris, France
  Le Français des Placements, Paris, France
  Private collections in Bulgaria, France, Germany, Austria, Spain, the U.K., Japan, etc. 

Awards and prizes

  Salon ART19, Paris, France
  Cité Internationale des Arts Competition, Paris, France
  National Spring Salon, Bulgaria
  Earth and People Museum, Bulgaria/Germany
  36the Plastic Arts Festival, Rousse, Bulgaria
  “Process Space” Festival, Bulgaria

Main publications

   «La Gazette des arts,» «Létera International,» «Art in Bulgaria,» «Kultura,», «Capital,» etc.

 «Se geste» Art at the point, «PREVOIRE-artistes 2009,» «Transportation» Germany, «Procès – Space» Bulgaria, «The art of the thread» Bulgaria, etc.



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