Photo_Mariette_Chappuis_15Mariette Chappuis

Moving from copperplate engraving in the 90s to mixed techniques in the early 21st century, Mariette Chappuis continues to demonstrate her interest in experimenting with a wide variety of materials.  Fascinated by collage, she selects paper of many different types and origins, sometimes even resorting to making her own. These can be found in some of her works which include acrylic, chalk and collages. More recently, Mariette Chappuis engaged in the discovery of a new world, which is not only her inner world but also the world surrounding her - a colorful world which can be accessed with patience, meticulousness and surrender to the passing of time, roaming thoughts and emerging ideas. She feels a relentless need to take refuge in this inner world, and it is with a simple magnifying glass, plain pencils and Indian inks that she is able to enter into this universe as one enters into a protective cocoon. From the entanglement of countless tiny fragments emerges an amazing variety of rhythms and waves of colors.



Artistic career

1975               A graduate of the School « Arts appliqués », Vevey, Switzerland

1996               Performer Diploma in Art Therapy

1977 to 1979   Teaching drawing and painting

From 1990      Private workshop of engraving and painting

From 1996      Art therapy with adults and children

April 2014       Opening of a private workshop in Belmont, teaching drawing and painting :



1996                Collective, Forum de l’hôtel de ville, Lausanne

1997                World Trade Center, Lausanne

1997                Collective, Galerie d’Art de Saint-Légier

1998                Société de Banque Suisse, Lausanne

2000               Participation à la cinquième triennale mondiale d’estampes, petits formats, Chamalières, France

2001                Collective, CHUV, Lausanne

2001                Participation à la « 5e Biennale Europea per l’Incisione », Acqui Terme, Italie

2002                Galerie de la Source, Lausanne

2002                Collective, Galerie Collis, Lausanne

2003                Collective, Galerie St-Louis, Toulon

2003                Salon des Beaux-Arts, Toulon

2003                Collective, CHUV, Lausanne

2004                Galerie Communic’Art, Paris

2005                Collective, Galerie Imagine, Orbe

2005                Galerie D’Arfi, St-Sulpice

2005                Collective, CHUV, Lausanne

2006                Galerie de St-Légier

2006                Galerie Imagine, Orbe

2007                Collective, CHUV, Lausanne

2009               Collective CHUV, Lausanne

2011                Collective CHUV, Lausanne

2013                Debiopharm, Lausanne - - +41 (0)22 366.42.22

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