portrait_vieru_16Doina Vieru was born in Chisinau, Moldova in 1978 and has been living in Ecuador since 2001.

“Studies at the Academy of Music, Theatre and Fine Arts in Chisinau (Moldova) and the National School of Fine Arts in Paris (2000). A recent graduate with two university degrees - in psychology and educational sciences - from Paris 8, I am nevertheless continuing my pictorial research and prefer “pas/pas/passionately” the image to language, despite some serious incidents of “Bartleby’s syndrome”*. Between "I would prefer not to", pencils, paper, PVC or metal and other pungent instruments, playing remains my eternal favourite.


Exhibited regularly in Ecuador, Mexico, France, Romania and Moldova, my work always deals with the unspeakable, a kind of game of hide-and-seek, simultaneously revealing and withholding. My production is often serial: whether the subject of my painting is my own self (my child-bearing experience or other inner self-portraits), a Tchaikovsky symphony or, as a true “melanomaniac”*, a quest for the richness of the colour black in metal or other industrial materials. On this particular PVC board I allowed myself to “play” freely by dripping, allowing to flow, scratching, applying by all possible means ink, acrylic, oil, tar, varnish, asphalt and building materials. I then chiselled into the resulting mass, my incisions recreating its poetic rhythm.”


Bartlébysme :  Expression gleaned from, «Bartleby the Scrivener: A Story of Wall Street" (1853), short story by Herman Melville. To all questions asked him, Bartleby responds «I would prefer not to…» and in the end loses his will to exist.  Extreme introversion.

* mélanomaniaque :  Derived from « méla » (Greek for « black »). Expression invented  by the artist to express her love of the colour black.


Selection of solo exhibitions

  • 2016 “pas/pas/passionnément (vice vibratoire autonome)”, CCE, Guayaquil, Ecuador
  • 2015 “Op. 35”, Galeria Atuczara, Quito, Ecuador
  • 2015 “Melanomania”, Alliance Française, Quito, Ecuador
  • 2012 “EU“, Centre Culturel Métropolitain, Quito, Ecuador
  • 2007 “Art en couple”, CCE, Quito, Ecuador
  • 2000 Point Culture International, Paris
  • 1999 Theater “E. Ionesco”, Chisinau, Moldova
  • 1998 Alliance Française, Chisinau, Moldova


Collective exhibitions

Participation in collective exhibitions in Ecuador, Mexico, France, Moldova since 1995



  • 2012 Prize « Guyasamin », Town hall of  Quito, Ecuador
  • 2012 Honorable mention, Sculpture Biennial, San Antonio de Ibarra, Ecuador

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