Dietmar HALLER



“By connecting to and looking at my work, you are connecting directly with my emotions, my fears and my very personal vision of our society.

My art includes paintings, photography, various prints and collages as well as digital images. A long research process has helped me to develop my own style and my work is directly related to my personal experiences.”(Dietmar Haller)

Dietmar Haller was born on 20 April 1966 in Basel (Switzerland) and took up painting at the age of 16 when painting was simply a means of escaping boredom for him. Following a difficult period in his life, he rented his first workshop in an old furniture factory in Nyon (Switzerland) in 1991 and started to work seriously on his art. He is currently living and working in St-Cergue (Switzerland) and is offering visits to his workshop and an alternative “gallery” space where his paintings are on show.

In these works, we frequently encounter an opposition between Negative and Positive which leads us to seek for a balance which each of us finds in terms of our personal  interpretation of Good and Evil.

Through his figurative works, the artist invites the viewer to be carried away by his or her imagination and to be aware of the fact that there is not a real objective but that each definition, feeling and perception is unique and guided by our respective personal experiences and conceptions.

The belief that nothing that forms our daily universe is new, that everything is a repetition of events and that the impression of newness only exists due to the fact that the same events are experienced by different individuals is conveyed by the artist by painting pictures using fragments of existing images transposed into a different environment and position.
In these works, we frequently find the Negative contrasted with the Positive and, through this contrast, the search for an equilibrium where everyone can find his or her own equilibrium using his/her interpretation of Good and Evil.

In conclusion, it can be said that, through his work, the artist not only tells a personal story but also provides us with a mirror, in which various sentiments are reflected and can be contemplated and, thanks to this, the roles of creator and viewer are reversed. In fact, it is a complex communication that has its place between the two protagonists and which allows each of us to find ourselves in his work.
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