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Saskia Bremer was born in Holland, in 1954.
She lives and works in Holland, Portugal and Switzerland.


Some people take a roundabout way before actually settling down to what they really want to do. Saskia Bremer discovered in her early days her passion for art. 

However, faced with the practical demands of life, Saskia decided to take a teacher training course with drawing as her specialization. She then worked many years in different schools. As her passion for art never subsided, she decided in 1986 to leave the roundabout and to enroll as an evening student at the Royal Academy in The Hague. In spite of the very strict regime at the Academy not being entirely to her liking, she finished her studies successfully in 1991.

Freed from the rules of the Academy Saskia quickly developed her own style. With bright colours and a combination of the realistic and the abstract as the key elements in her work, she rapidly launched into a very successful professional career as an artist. After her first sell-out exhibition in 1994, Saskia decided to reduce her hours of teaching, and two years later became a full time artist.

Her name soon started circulating throughout art-loving Holland. Various assignments and exhibitions came her way - not only in the Netherlands but also in countries like Belgium, Germany and Portugal. At the Boukamel Contemporary Art Gallery in London all of her works displayed were sold within days.

One well known art critic in Holland compared Saskia's works with Chagall's. A welcome though perhaps slightly exaggerated compliment, it is however undeniable that Saskia's work "makes you happy" - as said an elderly lady who, after her husband's death, bought one of Saskia's paintings . That was more than enough encouragement for Saskia to continue on her artistic path, spreading light and happiness through her works. (Ronald Zimet, art collector)

Selection of main exhibitions

1996 The Hague, Netherlands, Holland Art Fair
1997 Amsterdam, Foundation of Modern Art
1998 London, Boukamel Contemporary Art Gallery
1999 Alphen a.d. Rijn, Netherlands, Galerie Helga Hofman
2000 Almancil, Portugal, Centro cultural de São Lourenço
2001 Amstelveen, Netherlands, Museum Jan van der Togt
2002 Vale do Lobo, Portugal, Galería de Arte
2003 Aalsmeer, Netherlands, Sport & Art Contest, Athènes 2004
2004 Lisbonne, Portugal, Galerías do Palacio Sotto Mayor
2005 Loule, Portugal, Galería de Arte Convento Espírito Santo
2006 Vale do Lobo, Galería de Arte
2007 Monheim am Rhein, Germany, Galerie Per-Opti - - +41 (0)22 366.42.22

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