Artist's note

"My name is Alban Mariethoz. I was born in Geneva in 1994 and spent my childhood and adolescence in the canton of Vaud near Yverdon-les Bains. In 2009, when I finished my mandatory and very difficult school years, I turned towards the world of the arts, enrolling in a visual arts workshop where I spent the next five years of my life.

In 2015, on being called up to complete my civil service, I had the opportunity to spend a year teaching a painting course for adolescents at the SeMo (employment service) in Vevey. As a result, I came to realize how important passing on knowledge and experience is for me. Once my civil service year was completed, I opened my own Atelier Keon in Lausanne where I have continued to offer courses.

Initially my focus was on sculpture. However, since 2014, I have dedicated my work entirely to painting. My preferred subject is the human face which I explore in all its different aspects, moving back and forth between realistic representation and personal interpretation, probing the human soul by studying the tormented, peaceful, dreamy, violent or melancholic expressions of a person’s face.

I am convinced of the salutary powers of the arts. Through my work I seek to better understand myself and the world around me. In the process, I hope my work will help others as well." - - +41 (0)22 366.42.22

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