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1 November 2017

Doina Vieru was born in Chisinau, Moldova in 1978 and has been living in Ecuador since 2001.
Doina Vieru’s works are characterized by a finely abstract use of a palette of colours, enhanced by a vigorous injection of rhythm and tension. Each of her brushstrokes is executed with a delicate purity. Her media are various and mixed: ink, acrylic, asphalt, oil, varnish and PVC board incisions.

Paul Estier

1 November 2017

This young sculptor,​ empassioned ​by the transformation of metal, pushes his technical and aesthetic research by associating it with glass. The light that emerges from his sculptures brings a new dimension to his work.


1 November 2017

Alban Mariethoz is a 23 year old Swiss painter whose preferred theme is the portrait. His works explore different facets of the human soul: the faces he portrays range from the tormented, violent or melancholic to the peaceful and dreamy.

Jacqueline Bachmann

1 October 2017

Jacqueline Bachmann has a fine oil painting technique as well as a personal style both of which she applies in representing the natural world with a highly developed sensitivity and  pictural maturity.


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