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Katarina BOSELLI

1 September 2017

«My work is based on photographic composition which involves the overlaying of several images whereby I seek to bring life to my emotions by evoking live memories such as the reflection of a distorted emotion in the human eye, a crack in a wall – thus defining a multiplicity of atmospheres ranging from anger or irony tinged with melancholy to joy, hope and tenderness.

Jean-François BERGER

1 September 2017

Painter Jean-François Berger could be defined by a style more suggestive than strictly descriptive of brushstrokes or anecdotes. A great piece of work conveying nocturnal moods here, with that touch of retro that permeates his work.

Catherine ZIVI

1 June 2017

Serene, happy or nostalgic, the characters I create offer the viewer life and emotion. In modelling my little world, I work with chamotte clay using a variety of techniques and renders. At times I opt for smooth surfaces, at other, rough structures and, for the most part, patinate my sculptures with natural warm-toned pigments.

Maria-Theresa Viecco

1 June 2017

These paintings radiate freedom and display incredible lightness. They exude happiness and at the same time retain the right to evoke, in a playful way, the tragic face of life. Conversely, they earn their freedom by virtue of their graphic elements.


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