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7 May 2018

«My work is based on photographic composition which involves the overlaying of several images whereby I seek to bring life to my emotions by evoking live memories such as the reflection of a distorted emotion in the human eye, a crack in a wall – thus defining a multiplicity of atmospheres ranging from anger or irony tinged with melancholy to joy, hope and tenderness.

Hélène Mathiot

1 May 2018

The artist’s eyes are drawn to the objects and scenes of daily life. The artist’s experimental expression is most vividly represented by her collection «Nomad Photography». This collection illustrates her creative drive to express immediacy, purity of line and shape, geometric forms and colours and promotes reality to a new level.

Eric Bossard

1 May 2018

Enjoy exploring Eric Bossard’s most recent “inclusions” – amazing new works created with objects otherwise destined for flea markets or rubbish bins! The artist uses these “rejects” giving a new metaphoric meaning to objects which have lost their initial utility and value.

Jean-François BERGER

1 May 2018

Painter Jean-François Berger could be defined by a style more suggestive than strictly descriptive of brushstrokes or anecdotes. A great piece of work conveying nocturnal moods here, with that touch of retro that permeates his work.


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