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Tanya Angelova

1 February 2018

Leaving traces is the key idea behind Tanya Angelova’s paintings. Initially, these are traces of the memory on which are based the configurations of experiences lived, places visited, and faces seen. Next is the trace as a line, a trait, a chromatic element, or a plastic fragment. Themes of her paintings reflect her inner experiences of the world.

Mariette Chappuis

1 February 2018

Mariette Chappuis feels a relentless need to take refuge in her inner world, and it is with a simple magnifying glass, plain pencils and Indian inks that she is able to enter into this universe as one enters into a protective cocoon.

Hélène Mathiot

1 December 2017

The artist’s eyes are drawn to the objects and scenes of daily life. The artist’s experimental expression is most vividly represented by her collection «Nomad Photography». This collection illustrates her creative drive to express immediacy, purity of line and shape, geometric forms and colours and promotes reality to a new level.

Catherine Zivi

1 December 2017

“Serene, happy or nostalgic, the characters I create offer the viewer life and emotion. In modelling my little world, I work with chamotte clay using a variety of techniques and renders. At times I opt for smooth surfaces, at other, rough structures and, for the most part, patinate my sculptures with natural warm-toned pigments.”


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