"Observing and understanding the world around us are the foundations of my reflections.

My approach to the world of Art has been largely influenced by the diversity of media underwritten by the Arts Décoratifs School of Art: etching, sculpture, photography and painting – a process which has led me to question the link between Nature and Man.

The relation between our natural environment and physical matter - I speak of the "skin of the tree", of short-lived man and long-lasting nature – is, essentially, expressed through water and organic forms. The play of textures, reflections in water and in windows, images of branches metamorphosed into organs and my representations of human and natural essences invite us to enter a world of playfulness and reflection.

This palpable physical experience gives rise to works both abstract and universal; it has also  resulted in my environmental commitment.

Taking possession of a subject to the point of abstraction leads me to experience and  transmit to the world that subject’s very essence. In short, I tend to put Man back into his natural environment and the artist back into the world at large.

Whereas my feelings of doubt and my need for background research and balance are expressed through drawing, painting gives expression to my more tangible feelings of plenitude and balance and touches upon the extraordinary, the unexpected and the magical.

In  my view, our society resists accepting the invitation to reflect, ponder and consider."


  • 1999 – 2004 : Ecole Nationale des Arts Décoratifs de Strasbourg
  • 2003 : Beaux Arts de Valencia (Espagne)
  • Automne 2001 : Assistante du sculpteur Gérard Ramon (Paris)
  • Eté 2000 : Assistante du sculpteur Jean-François Fourtou (Madrid)
  • Juin 1997 : Licence de droit à Paris X (Nanterre)

21 th  April  -  May       2016  Morges, Midnight Sun Gallery

17 th  March  - 7 th May 2016  Geneva, Espace L Gallery

November 2015:   Brussells,  Art Thema Gallery  

November 2015:   Geneva, Espace L Gallery  

October     2015:   Geneva,  Branca Gallery  

March        2015:   Geneva,  Free studio Gallery

February   2015:   Geneva,  International Foundation Research in Paraplegia. First price and Donation.

November 2014:  Paris,  Association Florence Foundation and Gallery. Espace Commines

October      2014:  Geneva, Espace L Gallery

October      2014:  Paris, Eva Meyer Gallery. Artist book

September 2014:  Geneva, Squarestudio Gallery

February   2014:   Geneva,  Contemporary Art Fair

April          2013:   Geneva, Gaïa Gallery

March       2013:   Geneva, Arty After Work

October    2012:   Geneva, Private exhibition

May          2011:    New York, Artwelove Gallery

October   2010:   Geneva, Patrick Gutnecht Gallery

April         2010:   Strasbourg, Bertrand Gillig Gallery

February  2010:  Paris, Varine – Goncourt Gallery

May          2009:  Paris,  Affordable Art Fair – La Belleviloise

October    2008: Paris, La Cantine du Faubourg Gallery

November 2007: Geneva, Patrick Gutknecht Gallery

October     2007:  Paris, Foundation Colas. First price and Donation.

March        2007:  Paris, Les Bouffes de l’Hôtel de Ville Gallery

January     2006:  Geneva, Patrick Gutknecht Gallery

October     2005:  Paris,  XVIème Gallery

November  2004: Paris, Palais de Tokyo Hype Gallery 

September 2003: Paris, Private exhibition

May            2002:  Strasbourg, Claudio Parmigiani selection

June           2002:  Strasbourg, Marinella Gallery - - +41 (0)22 366.42.22

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