Simone Monney





Simone Monney was born in Zurich, Switzerland

Artist's note

A brief glance at my past, a quick dip in the shadows of my early years... and I realize just how much painting has always been part of my life.

Drawing and painting have helped me find myself, get my bearings and slip into a mood of meditative serenity conducive to creativity. The saying that abstract artists draw their inspiration from the cosmos’s innermost maze rings true for me. I am self-taught and enjoy endlessly exploring a given theme either via techniques generated by my creative imagination or through logical thought. Mixtures of various materials and their chemical effects or else their naturally harmonious integration within a given composition yield either something rather mysterious and surprising or quite simply the expected result!

You could compare my painting to a musical score where lyrical excerpts appear as spirited and even unpredictable sprays of colourful touches. Just as musical passages can suggest joy, melancholy or sadness, in my work shapes and colours intermingle, spill over and burst out in all directions. At other times, strokes are spare, colours muted and thin, space seems all but empty. Shadows, bright lights, birds, butterflies — all flights of fancy inviting the imagination of viewers to invent its own visual delights.

I am often inspired by the beauties of Nature, not least by Lake Léman which I am privileged to have before my eyes every day.

Lastly, painting allows me to express my emotions and to experience my creative spurts face to face with myself. - - +41 (0)22 366.42.22

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