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Petr Beranek

1 April 2017

Whether on canvas or on paper, the artist puts into play all possible techniques.
Initially, there is abstract gestural or action painting. In parallel, Petr Beranek applies his own personal “gumprint” technique – a long process combining photos, gum Arabic, paints and, finally, printing – on themes inspired by current affairs and the varying atmospheres of the urban environment.

Simone Monney

1 April 2017

In her new series “Eclats de Liberté” (Fragments of Freedom) on Plexiglas, the artist expresses the liveliness of a fanciful spirit, the joy of her urban discoveries. She uses mythical cartoon figures, movie stars, cult symbols of big cities as the basic support medium to which she applies an incredibly diversified range of colours and techniques.

Jérôme Blanc

1 March 2017

The artist Jérôme Blanc cuts into masses of wood using the lathe to sculpt his works which in their final form weigh no more than a few ounces. Many hours of calm concentration are needed to refine each piece to give the wood a fine soft quality. The impeccable result of this long process are works that speak of serenity, simplicity and clarity.


1 February 2017

Paul Estier creates his sculptures with recovered waste metals, applying the same techniques as the metalworker and the blacksmith. In his more recent works, he also embeds glass in his steel sculptures.


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