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Jérôme Blanc

1 March 2017

The artist Jérôme Blanc cuts into masses of wood using the lathe to sculpt his works which in their final form weigh no more than a few ounces. Many hours of calm concentration are needed to refine each piece to give the wood a fine soft quality. The impeccable result of this long process are works that speak of serenity, simplicity and clarity.


1 February 2017

Paul Estier creates his sculptures with recovered waste metals, applying the same techniques as the metalworker and the blacksmith. In his more recent works, he also embeds glass in his steel sculptures.

Georges DUMAS

1 February 2017

Paintography designates works created by use of mixed techniques and subsequently applied to canvas. These works represent the synthesis of a photographic image, a digital recomposition and an acrylic processing of the image reproduced on canvas. Each piece is unique.


1 February 2017

Eric Bossard’s inclusions are made by integrating recovered waste materials in an acrylic mass. By embedding these objects in acrylic, the artist gives them a second life.


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