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Catherine ZIVI

1 June 2017

Serene, happy or nostalgic, the characters I create offer the viewer life and emotion. In modelling my little world, I work with chamotte clay using a variety of techniques and renders. At times I opt for smooth surfaces, at other, rough structures and, for the most part, patinate my sculptures with natural warm-toned pigments.

Maria-Theresa Viecco

1 June 2017

These paintings radiate freedom and display incredible lightness. They exude happiness and at the same time retain the right to evoke, in a playful way, the tragic face of life. Conversely, they earn their freedom by virtue of their graphic elements.

Petr Beranek

31 May 2017

Whether on canvas or on paper, the artist puts into play all possible techniques.
Initially, there is abstract gestural or action painting. In parallel, Petr Beranek applies his own personal “gumprint” technique – a long process combining photos, gum Arabic, paints and, finally, printing – on themes inspired by current affairs and the varying atmospheres of the urban environment.


1 May 2017

By means of “Smala”*, her most recent series”, the artist invents herself a past representing her ancestors, forefathers, roots and her very DNA…
With collages executed in her own singular style, Séverine Métraz creates herself a genealogical tree made up of family portraits depicting a vast imaginary extended family, a tribe, a “smala”*.
* smala (Arabic) a family tribe


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